From 2017, it has become apparent that the signage for the KingFisher Trail is no longer of the quality needed to successfully complete the trail without getting lost. The Council areas the route passes through also seem to have stopped replacing or amending signage which has further made the route unnavigable.

During the pandemic, the ferry ride from Crom to Derryvore was discontinued and there are no plans to reinstate this service, the alternative route is via the "New Bridges" on the Lisnaskea to Derrylin Road, a very busy main road which many large vehicles using it. Also, again, due to the pandemic, many of the accommodation providers seem to have gone out of business and websites, telephone numbers are no longer in service.

Due to all of the above we have had to take the decision to take down the website as we feel it is no longer a helpful resource.

If you are a person from one of the councils or organisations involved with the signage and would be interest in trying to help re-instate the signage. You can contact us by emailing WebMaster @ the domain in your address bar.

Thank-you for your understanding.