Maps on iPhone

Galileo Offline Maps ( ) is an iPhone application available for free via the App store by searching for “galileo maps”.

When launching the Galileo application on your iOS device for the first time, you will see a message asking if it is OK for Galileo to access Location Services data. Tapping OK will give the app permission to use Location Services to determine your current location on map if needed.

The next step is to download the maps (See below). You will need to download both the UK and Ireland maps in order to view the entire Kingfisher Trail route as it is cross border.  The files are quite large and it might be a good idea to select Network Mode as “Wifi”, unless you have a good data plan and a 3G connection.


Download both the “United Kingdom” and “Republic of Ireland” maps.


Select “Download Maps”












Once you download these maps you will be able to browse a completely free map of Ireland and one which you can help improve!

You can then download the GPX files from our website and use Galileo to display them, allowing you to use your iPhone as a “sat-nav” to follow the Kingfisher Cycle Trail.


There have been incidences this summer (2017) of cyclists getting lost on the Southern Loop between Clones and Carrick-on-Shannon, due to inadequacy signage.   On investigation it appears that directional signs on certain sections of the route are missing, hidden by overgrown vegetation and in some cases have been vandalised to point in the wrong direction.

Therefore anyone planning to cycle the route solely by following the signage would be strongly discouraged from doing so.

We have passed on our concerns to the relevant councils and hope that these issues will be resolved quickly.  Thank you for considering the Kingfisher Cycle Trail.