OSMand ( www.osmand.net ) is an Android application available for free in Google Play by searching for “osmand”. Once installed you can download the map for Ireland via the Data Management tool. The map is under “Europe > Ireland-and-Northern-Ireland”. Once you download this data file you will be able to browse a completely free map of Ireland and one which you can help improve! You can also download the GPX files from our website and use OSMand to display them, allowing you to use your Android device as a “sat-nav” to follow the Kingfisher Cycle Trail.

The screen-shots below show the Northern Loop (Ride 1) route in light blue.  The one of the left is the entire route shown on screen, while the one on the right shows the route zoomed in on Enniskillen.

KingFisher Trail - Ride 1 (full)
Kingfisher Trail – The Northern Loop displayed in full
KingFisher Trail - Ride 1 (Enniskillen)
The Kingfisher Trail – Nothern Loop zoomed in on Enniskillen

Another useful plug-in is the “OSMand Contour Lines” plugin which is available from the Google Play Store for a small fee.  This allows you to see and plan your route more effectively.

Screenshot of OSMand with Contours Plugin enabled