G8 Summit, 17 to 18 June 2013

With the G8 summit fast approaching County Fermanagh and the surrounding areas are already seeing disruption to daily lives. There are road closures in the area of the Lough Erne resort which is the venue for the summit. This will affect anyone wishing to cycle the West Fermanagh Link – Ride 3 as there will certainly be road closures and other disruptions caused by local traffic taking alternative routes. These normally quiet, country roads make up the Kingfisher Trail and could potentially become very busy and even dangerous to a cyclist.

Another major concern for cyclists during this period is accommodation. If you are planning to cycle in Fermanagh or the surrounding counties, especially Cavan and Monaghan for the week of the G8 summit, please confirm your booking with your chosen accommodation provider before you travel. Ensure you have somewhere to stay as all types of accommodation are already fully booked due to visitors attracted to the County for the G8.

The following links are local news sources to keep up-to-date with events in Fermanagh.