Please follow this simple code to ensure enjoyable riding, safety of others and continued use of the route.

Consideration for others

  • Always give way / yield to walkers, and remember that some people may have impaired hearing or sight.
  • Be courteous and considerate to others, acknowledging those who give way / yield to you.
  • Watch your speed when close to others and do not race.
  • Respect other land management activities, such as farming and forestry.
  • Alongside water, be aware of the space needed by anglers and boat users.

Care for the environmenttidy

  • Can you reach the start of your journey by bike or public transport?
  • Follow the Country Code; in particular respect crops, livestock and wildlife.
  • Always take home litter.
  • Keep erosion to a minimum in sensitive areas.
  • Thank you for cycling! The bicycle is the most efficient and environmentally friendly form of transport.  Plus, it helps you keep fit and healthy.

Look after yourself

  • Take special care when cycling downhill.  Using a body part as a brake tends to be very painful.FlyingCyclist
  • Match your speed to the surface and your skills.
  • Always cycle within your ability.  An accident or breakdown in remote areas can be frustrating, if not more serious.
  • In remote areas carry warm and waterproof clothing, bring emergency food, a lamp and a compass.
  • Ensure your bike is safe to ride.
  • Always carry with you the tools to make any repair and also a full stocked puncture repair kit.
  • Always wear a helmet and protective clothes.