Cycling Code

Please follow this simple code to ensure enjoyable riding, safety of others and continued use of the route.

Consideration for others

  • Always give way / yield to walkers, and remember that some people may have impaired hearing or sight.
  • Be courteous and considerate to others, acknowledging those who give way / yield to you.
  • Watch your speed when close to others and do not race.
  • Respect other land management activities, such as farming and forestry.
  • Alongside water, be aware of the space needed by anglers and boat users.

Care for the environmenttidy

  • Can you reach the start of your journey by bike or public transport?
  • Follow the Country Code; in particular respect crops, livestock and wildlife.
  • Always take home litter.
  • Keep erosion to a minimum in sensitive areas.
  • Thank you for cycling! The bicycle is the most efficient and environmentally friendly form of transport.  Plus, it helps you keep fit and healthy.

Look after yourself

  • Take special care when cycling downhill.  Using a body part as a brake tends to be very painful.FlyingCyclist
  • Match your speed to the surface and your skills.
  • Always cycle within your ability.  An accident or breakdown in remote areas can be frustrating, if not more serious.
  • In remote areas carry warm and waterproof clothing, bring emergency food, a lamp and a compass.
  • Ensure your bike is safe to ride.
  • Always carry with you the tools to make any repair and also a full stocked puncture repair kit.
  • Always wear a helmet and protective clothes.


There have been incidences this summer (2017) of cyclists getting lost on the Southern Loop between Clones and Carrick-on-Shannon, due to inadequacy signage.   On investigation it appears that directional signs on certain sections of the route are missing, hidden by overgrown vegetation and in some cases have been vandalised to point in the wrong direction.

Therefore anyone planning to cycle the route solely by following the signage would be strongly discouraged from doing so.

We have passed on our concerns to the relevant councils and hope that these issues will be resolved quickly.  Thank you for considering the Kingfisher Cycle Trail.